If it’s Time for Hiveswap: Act 2, then it’s Time for Hiveswap Classpecting!

I’ve never been more excited to get my ass on a train and I already thought train rides were pretty cool, so WhatPumpkin, punch my fucking ticket.

With the release of Hiveswap’s hotly-anticipated second act finally cresting our pink and green mooned horizon this November, Joey and Xefros are set to meet — and hopefully, befriend! — our favourite (see: all) Friendsim trolls! As confirmed by the WhatPumpkin team, all 38 trolls will make significant appearances in Hiveswap: Act 2, giving us a huge amount of interaction to look forward to.

Placing all of these tragic xenoteens in some new and fucked up circumstances is sure to give us a lot of character insights that we can use to speculate further about the cast’s god tier classpects. As someone who did a few character analyses during the height of the Friendsims, I’m excited to revisit that content with fresh eyes and fresher information! Even cooler than that is meeting some fresh faces — like Cridea Jeevik and the mysterious Fiamet — for us to discuss for the first time! Before doing anyone we’re already familiar with, I’ll probably want to talk about them because they’ll be so shiny and new. Afterwards, I hope to write at least a little something for each noteworthy troll in the game. Basically, my fingers should be getting busy.

You’ll find all of my new character analysis (and general theory) posts for Hiveswap’s latest instalment right here on Medium, alongside any other things I write up for Homestuck and its Epilogues, or the incredible post-Epilogue content.

My classpect posts are based on the theory work of Super Duper Homestuck Fandom Analyst optimisticDuelist. Familiarity with his work will be a prerequisite for reading my own, but also just go and check it all out ’cause it’s neat and you’ll have a good time. It’s the Homestuck academia you’d always read about wanting to see on Tumblr, except it’s real and more interesting than anything you’ll peep in school.

See you soon!